Dental Anxiety

Scared of the dentist? Chill, we have ways to help your anxiety.

Every year, millions of people around the world avoid necessary trips to the dentist out of fear. By doing this, they sacrifice their dental health and things that may have started as minor problems can quickly escalate and become major ones.

Luckily for those with anxiety, Brighter Smiles Dentistry offers various forms of sedation depending on your comfort and fear level. These options alleviate any discomfort that you may have and may even reduce the number of visits required to complete your work. You can receive anesthesia or sedation for any type of dental work, from standard cleanings and fillings to more in depth procedures like root canals and extractions. We can replace crowns or dentures, restore sore gums to good health, whiten or fix chipped teeth, and much more.

We provide an oral sedative, generally Ativan (type), to those 18 years of age and older.