Of the most common dental procedures, a composite filling is the restoration of your teeth with material containing small filler products consisting of a strong and resistant glass-like material. The resin used is tooth coloured, and made up of the finest and most up to date materials. Although it may be durable, it is imperative that patients follow the below instructions after a restoration procedure:

  • Avoid chewing excessively hard foods, as they can loosen or break the resin material. Ice, raw carrots, hard candy or other excessively hard foods should be avoided until the resin has hardened, with the exception of composite fillings, which harden right away.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold is common and should be expected for the first few weeks, and the deeper the cavity, the more severe the sensitivity will be.
  • Gum tissue may be sore due to irritation and/or around the anesthetic injection spot during the procedure and maybe sore for several days following the procedure.
  • Patients should be closely monitored until the anesthetic wears off. This is especially important for younger patients, as they may chew the insides of their mouths due to the strange feeling of the anesthetic.
  • The completed restoration may feel slightly different and have a different texture than the original tooth. This is common, and patients become accustom within a few days.

Once completed, these restorations will serve you well for several years.